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Germany is one of the most developed and safest countries in Europe. The Sachsenring is located in the former eastern part of the country, which was part of the Soviet bloc until reunification in 1991. Today, you’d hardly know it. What’s more, the Germans are hospitable and friendly, and, despite many preconceptions, make great food!

Entry into Germany

To enter Germany, if you are a citizen of a European Union country,you only need a valid ID card. However, you will need a passport if you are not a citizen of an EU country. Most developed countries in the world have visa-free travel with Germany. But if you are not sure, ask your country’s foreign ministry. 


As in most EU countries, Germany uses euros. You can pay in cash or by card, whichmost merchants accept today. You can usually pay with VISA and MASTERCARD without any problems. If you use cards from other companies, you should always carry cash.
When withdrawing money from an ATM, always be aware of hidden ATM fees. We recommend that you only use ATMs of banking houses located in trustworthy locations.


The mains voltage in Germany is 230V, 50 Hz, as in the whole of Central Europe. You will need an adapter if you travel from countries with British or North American voltage.

Mobile services

The dominant brands in the German mobile market are O2, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom.
EU citizens make calls in Germany under the same conditions as if theywere in their home country. However, internet charges may be different.
Visitors from outside the EU are subject to the conditions agreed upon with their operator. After a user enters the country and connects to the network for the first time, they will usually receive a text message from the operator with call and data charges. 
If you’re travelling from outside the EU and plan to stay longer, you can buy a prepaid sim card for calls and data. Prices start at €6 and include basic credit, andsimcards can be bought in regular shops, newsagents, and petrol stations.

Important phone numbers

The international dialling code for Germany is +49
Police: 110 
Ambulance, Fire Brigade: 112 
ADAC Motorist Service: 01802 222 222 
Medical emergency for children and adults: 310031 
Dental emergency: 89004333 
Pharmacy emergency: 0800 228 2280

Interesting facts about Germany

One-third of Germany is forest.

There are more than 2,100 castles in Germany.

Germany also tops the table of the largest railway stations in Europe, with the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Germany can also be described as a beer nation. Not only are there more than 1,500 different beers, but it also hosts the largest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest. In Bavaria, beer is not even considered a drink but food.

Gummy bears originated in Germany.

Germany is one of the great powers in F1, and it has already given the world three champions. In addition to the legendary Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, and Nico Rosberg.

The first book was published in Germany, as was the first magazine.

The tradition of the Christmas tree also comes from Germany.

During the First World War, Germany was the first country to introduce daylight saving time in 1916.

Jailbreaking is not a crime in Germany. It is based on the philosophy that man naturally desires freedom.

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