MotoGP Germany 05/07- 07/07/2024


Grandstand T1

From the grandstand you can enjoy the view of the finishing straight and the steep climb to the finish. Great overview you'll also have the action on the grid.

Grandstand T2

The grandstand seating is in the middle on an elevated spot in the middle of the natural grandstand. Comfortably and with with a ticket, you can enjoy the incredible atmosphere of a place where usually more than ten thousand fans of people in one place. And most importantly, you'll have a view of the first turn and the entrance to the Omega section. Riders then you'll see them again as they enter the legendary "waterfall" - a steep drop in the northern part of the circuit.

Grandstands T3/1, T3 and T4

The grandstand seating lies in an attractive part of turns 2,3 and 4 called "omega" for their shape, or also the stadium. Places where the grandstands placed in the slope clamp the whole track between them. The grandstand is located in the middle of a natural grandstand with a great atmosphere created by thousands of fans.

Grandstands T6 - T9 

Seating stands T6, T7, T8 and T9 form a single unit that lines the exit from the Omega sector of the circuit Sachsenring.

From grandstand T6 Yamaha  you will watch the starting field coming out of the long, tight turn 6. onto the straight to the next fast turn 7. The tribune is sponsored by Yamaha, so if you're a Yamaha fan, it's duty to come here!

From grandstand T7 Honda you can see the exit from turn 6 and the entrance to turn 7. the Honda brand. Fans of Sachsenring record holder Marc Marquez always come here!

The T8 Motul grandstand is located directly at the entrance to the fast turn 7 and offers a view of the  the following quick section.

Tribune T9 KTM is located right at turn 7 and you will have an overview of the action on both on the downstream planes. The T9 grandstand is where KTM fans usually meet.

Grandstand T10

The grandstand is located along the straight between turns 8 and 9. section, but you will also enjoy the view of the Omega section and the opposite natural grandstand with an incredible atmosphere.

Gandstand T10/4

The grandstand lies at the entrance to Turn 11, after which the riders "plunge" into the "waterfall" that is Sachsenring famous. You will also have a view of the part of the circuit in front of this section.

Grandstands T12 and T13

The grandstand seats are located directly in Turn 12, which the drivers enter from the "waterfall" and from the fastest position the track at around 300 kilometres per hour. You'll be watching them both on the corner entry and on the the next straight heading to the last turn and the finish.

Grandstand T15 Besico

The grandstand is located right at the last turn of the circuit. The attractive section is specific in that the drivers they have to slow down a lot and then they have a steep climb to the finish. This is one of the places Sachsenring specific and where victory or defeat is often decided!

Natural grandstand

The natural grandstand sector extends throughout the inner circuit area around the Omega and of the downstream sections of the line. Here you can move freely. Although you don't have a ticket, you have a ticket for each practice, qualifying or a race, you can move somewhere else. Count on an incredible the wild atmosphere for which the Sachsenring is famous!

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