MotoGP Germany 05/07- 07/07/2024


Germany has a well-developed system of high-quality roads and motorways. But at the same time, Germans are very strict about obeying traffic regulations. There are often stationary speed cameras in towns and villages. In short, it really pays to watch the speedometer in Germany.

Read our tips to ensure your trip to Germany is free of traffic violations and fines.

Speed limits

In Germany, speed limits apply only in the village and outside the village. Drivers can only drive at a maximum of 50 km/h in the village and 100 km/h outside the village. On expressways and motorways, the recommended speed is 130 km/h, but there is no speed limit unless the speed is set by a separate road sign. In practice, this means that you will not be fined for exceeding 130 km/h.

But that doesn’t mean you can drive recklessly. In fact, if you commit an offence above the recommended speed of 130 km/h, you will be heavily fined. Today, only about one-third of Germany’s motorways are free of the limit. The limits often work on the basis of variable traffic signs. Always obey them;they are often linked to speed cameras!

Speed limits always apply to non-car vehicles and motorcycles. Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes can drive at a maximum of 80 km/h, and buses at 100 km/h.

Motorway vignette/toll

If you want to go to the Sachsenring by car or motorbike, you can forget about the tolls. Motorways are free in Germany! However, trucks do have to pay tolls. 

Alcohol behind the wheel

There is zero alcohol tolerance for drivers under 21. Older drivers can have a maximum of 0.5 per mils of alcohol. If you plan to drink this weekend, make sure you always leave the circuit sober. The risk of being checked is very high during the MotoGP race. 

What to do if you get a fined?

If you do get a fine, pay it. The Germans are very strict about enforcing penalties, and your next trip to a MotoGP race could end in a police station or car impound.  If you get a fine on the spot, don’t argue about the amount. And under no circumstances try to bribe the police. That’s a straight ticket to a police cell. 

Contact us for any questions. We are here for you and ready to answer.

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